Seong-Geun Jeong, Dong-Ho Kim, Jingyeong Kim, Ji-Hyun Kim, Sanggeun Song, and Chang-Soo Lee*
  • "Programmable microfluidic flow for automatic multistep digital assay in a single-sheet 3-dimensional paper-based microfluidic device"
  • Chemical Engineering Journal  Accepted
Myeong Yeon Lee, Imteaz Ahmed, Kwangsun Yu, Chang-Soo Lee, Kyoung-Ku Kang*, Min-Seok Jang, Wha-Seung Ahn*
  • "Aqueous adsorption of bisphenol A over a porphyrinic porous organic polymer"
  • Chemosphere  Accepted
  • * Corresponding authors
Reya Ganguly, Byungjin Lee, Solib Kang, Yong Sic Kim, Seong-Geun Jeong, Jae Seong Kim, So Young Park, Yamauchi Yohei, and Chang-Soo Lee*
  • "Microfluidic single-cell trapping and cultivation for the analysis of host-viral interactions"
  • Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering  Accepted
Seong-Geun Jeong, Yoon Choi, Jin-Oh Nam, Chang-Soo Lee*, and Chang-Hyung Choi*
  • "Surface-Tension-Induced Double Emulsion Drops via Phase Separation of Polymeric Fluids Confined in Micromolds for Capsule Templates"
  • Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 582, 1012-1020, 15 January 2021
  • equally contributed, * Corresponding authors