Chaeyeon Kim, Ki-Su Park, Sung-Min Kang, Jongmin Kim, YoungShin Song and Chang-Soo Lee*
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Si Hyung Jin+, Heon-Ho Jeong+, Byung Jin Lee, Sung Sik Lee and Chang-Soo Lee*
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    +Equal contribution
Young Moo Noh, Si Hyung Jin, Seong-Geun Jeong, Nam Young Kim, Changhyun Noh, and Chang-Soo Lee*
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Jongmin Kim+, Myung Seok Oh+, Chang-Hyung Choi, Sung-Min Kang, Moo Jin Kwak, Jae Bem You, Sung Gap Im*, and Chang-Soo Lee*
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    +Equal contribution, *Corresponding author
Jun Ho Yu, Seong-Gun Jeong, Chang-Soo Lee, Jun-Young Hwang, Kyung-Tae Kang, Heuiseok Kang, Sang-Ho Lee*
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Chang-Hyung Choi+, Byungjin Lee+, Jongmin Kim, Jin-Oh Nam, Hyunmin Yi and Chang-Soo Lee*
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  •  ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 7(21),11393-11401, 29 April 2015, chosen by ACS Editors' Choice(PDF) and also featured in C&EN News "Making Complex Microparticles" (Article)
    +Equal contribution
Byungjin Lee, Chang-Hyung Choi, Jongmin Kim, Sung-Min Kang, Jin-Oh Nam, Si-Hyung Jin and Chang-Soo Lee*
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Heon-Ho Jeong, Young-Mu Noh, Hwan-Moon Song, Sang-Ho Lee, Jin-Sung Park, Chang-Soo Lee*
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Hyungjoo Kim, Boddu Ananda Rao, Jong Woo Jeong, Sudipta Mallick, Sung-Min Kang, Joon Sig Choi,Chang-Soo Lee, Young-A. Son*
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Heon-Ho Jeong+, Si Hyung Jin+, Byungjin Lee, Taesung Kim and Chang-Soo Lee*
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    +Equal contribution
Seong-Geun Jeong, Sang-Ho Lee, Chang-Hyung Choi, Jiyun Kim and Chang-Soo Lee*
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