Chang-Hyung Choi (최창형)
  • Period of termGraduation:2013.08
  • Place of WorkDaegu Haany University (Professor)
  • ThesisDesign of Well-defined Polymeric Microparticles based on Capillarity in Micromolding
Byong-Il Kim (김병일)
  • Period of term Graduation:2014.02
  • Place of WorkT&S
  • ThesisFabrication Technique for Precise Control of Plastic-based Micro/Nano Fabrication Technique for Precise Control of Plastic-based Micro/Nano Structures
Heon-Ho Jeong (정헌호)
  • Period of termGraduation:2014.08
  • Place of Work Chonnam Natl. Univ. (Professor)
  • ThesisIntegration of Hydrodynamic Trap-Release with Microdroplet Array Platform for Single-Cell Sorting and Population Gradient
Jong-Min Kim (김종민)
  • Period of termGraduation: 2017.08
  • Place of Work New York Univ., Abu Dhabi (PostDoc)
  • ThesisA study for self-assembly in gravity and in microgravity using Janus particles designed by controlled physical and chemical properties
Si Hyung Jin (진시형)
  • Period of termGraduation: 2018.08
  • Place of WorkCaltech (PostDoc)
  • ThesisA Fully Integrated microdroplet platform for high-contents screening in cell-cell interaction
Seong-Geun Jeong(정성근)
  • Period of termGraduation: 2021.02
  • Place of WorkSeoul Natl. Univ. (PostDoc)
  • ThesisDesign and Control of Multi-scale Porous-Soft-Movers